Marqcquel gomes: Portugal are going to win the Euro’s. Lonrenzo: No Germany is! They have clearly got the better players and we can easily beat France. Jamie: No you can’t, we are gonna beat you. Have you seen how we have been playing recently! We beat Iceland 5-2. Lonrenzo: Iceland (laugh) 10% of their population […]

Hotel Rwanda is a movie based on a true story about Rwanda’s problems involving Hutus and Tutsi. Paul Rusesabagina is a hotel manager who housed many Tutsi refugees. During the time, he faces difficulties and struggles because  Hutus decide to have revenge on them. Terry George, the director, used these techniques in Hotel Rwanda and brought a […]

Fate is a predetermined act and is a decision to occur in the future. In this piece of writing I will clarify how Shakespeare makes fate effective and how he explores it. William Shakespeare uses a wide range of language technique to communicate and explore fate with for example, Metaphors. Metaphor is a standard way that […]

Act 5 Scene 2 Friar John – Oh , Nice to see you my brother, hi! Friar Lawrence makes an entrance. Friar Lawrence – I recognize this voice, It appears to sound like Friar John. Welcome back  from Mantua.  What was the response of Romeo’s , Give me his letter. Friar John – I went to […]

Scene 1 Romeo is desperately in love with Juliet and expresses his love towards her and also is too attracted to the party that he vanishes from his friends. Benvolio and Mercutio are trying to find Romeo. Eventually they give up, returning home. Scene 2  This scene is settled outside Capulet’s orchard when Romeo enters. Romeo […]

Scene 1                                                                                                           […]

Act 5 Scene 1 Romeo has woken up with a joyful mood. However Balthazar appears with news from Verona. Romeo transformed from happy to sad. Unfortunately for Romeo the letter has just been delivered so he did not receive it. Romeo is full of anger so he is on his way to the Apothecary ,who […]

Act 4 Scene 1 Juliet eventually reaches and arrives the Friar Lawrence’s house, Immediately saying she will commit suicide if Friar don’t think of a plan to avoid the marriage between herself and Paris. Friar approaches Juliet with a solution which is to make  Juliet drink a potion which is known to make her fall […]

Romeo’s time with Juliet is over. Romeo and Juliet are disturbed as there is an anonymous storming through the doors of Juliet’s room. Romeo quickly hides. However the face appeared to be  the Nurse. Nevertheless the Nurse arrives with bad news, Warning them Lady catapult is on her way. Romeo sadly departs, climbing through the […]